Previous Feedback

After just 4 weeks of coaching my quality of life improved immensely.

Whether it was giving a gentle push, a new way of looking at a problem, or a tool/resource I hadn’t discovered, Linda’s gentle input slowly built into lasting improvements in my life.
– Dr. D. M.


I have created ways to have accountability for things I want to do but never get round to and a new and effective system of managing my workload.

I have realised and changed my approach to work/life balance as I have seen the benefit doing things that I find satisfying and that meet my need for social connection. This has motivated me to take action where before I would have procrastinated and never got round to doing anything.

I had reached a point where I was beginning to think that I had been diagnosed with ADHD too late in life and was too old to change. With people in my life echoing that feeling with comments like “that’s just what you do” or “I’ve heard it all before” when I vowed to change, I was all for giving up.

Each week Linda made observations and suggestions that meant I focused on what I wanted to do and what I could achieve. Her encouragement to keep trying, even when things didn’t work as I’d hoped, was just the inspiration I needed. I now know I can make small changes which make a big difference to my life and self-esteem.
– Karen W.


With Linda’s help, I made changes to my work and other aspects of life which enabled me to pass the probationary period in my new job, having lost my previous one for reasons related to ADHD.

These changes included new ways of planning and organising time, tasks and materials for work.

Knowing about ADHD is one thing, but to do something about, it a good coach like Linda is irreplaceable!
– Anonymous Educational Psychologist


Thank you for listening to me.

I felt heard.

I have doubted my diagnosis at times because I don’t fit ALL the criteria of inattentive ADHD but you reassured me that I do have it and that ADHD presents uniquely in each person.
– R


Working earlier
Getting to bed earlier
Starting and continuing meditation
Starting and continuing daily exercise
Stopping drinking alcohol
Gaining confidence and self-esteem
Losing weight and all round improvement in my health
Understanding and dealing with my ADHD
I am unable to take medication for ADHD, and would have been at a complete loss without Linda’s help, expertise and encouragement.
With Linda’s coaching, I was able to turn several embedded bad habits into newly embedded good habits – truly life-changing sessions for which I am eternally grateful.
– AL