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Welcome, and thank you for your interest in working with me. I’m a Certified Adult ADHD Life Coach (CALC) with over 24 years of experience. My mission is to empower bright, talented individuals to excel in their personal, professional, and academic lives by harnessing their unique strengths and effectively managing ADHD symptoms. I coach with clients Internationally, so provided we can work around timezones for sessions (and you speak English), it works! Also, as sessions are via Zoom, distance isn’t important.

Are you tired of facing the daily struggles that come with ADHD symptoms and executive functioning challenges? Are these hurdles holding you back from accomplishing your full potential? If you’re experiencing a lack of motivation or struggling due to overwhelm, procrastination and disorganisation, know that you’re not alone. I understand that living with ADHD can be a difficult and frustrating experience that affects every aspect of your life, from your work life and relationships to your daily routines and self-esteem.

I am deeply passionate about helping people with ADHD as I understand the distinct challenges they face. My fascination with the human mind and executive functions led me to this specialisation 24 years ago when I undertook my first professional ADHD Coach training. I have formal diagnoses of ADHD, dyslexia, and dyscalculia, which has helped me gain an even clearer understanding of the challenges associated with these conditions.  Drawing from my personal experience, I can deeply relate to many of the symptoms that my clients struggle with. Through dedicated effort, I have cultivated effective strategies to overcome my individual hurdles and harness the unique strengths that these conditions offer. Additionally, having family members with ADHD has given me invaluable insight into the daily struggles and frustrations that being neurodiverse can bring.

As an ADHD Life Coach (CALC), I specialise in supporting individuals across various fields, including solopreneurs/business owners, tech/creative professionals, freelancers, and those working in the medical, business, or legal sectors. My approach is very holistic, and we work together on every aspect of your life; personal and work. Together we’ll create a personalised plan that addresses your unique challenges, strengths, and aspirations, helping you develop effective coping strategies and habits for greater happiness, ease, and reduced stress and overwhelm.

Unlocking Your Potential: Coaching for ADHD Transformation


I am a proud member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO). I’ve recently completed a year-long Certified ADHD Life Coaching qualification with iACT (International ADHD Coach Training Centre).  Additionally, I subscribe to leading ADHD organisations and have attended many conferences, courses, and workshops featuring the world’s top ADHD experts. This dedication ensures I bring a wealth of specialised tools and techniques to my coaching practice while adhering to the ICF’s rigorous codes of ethics and standards.

As your ADHD Life Coach, we will work collaboratively to establish and achieve your goals, gain control over your life, and develop strategies to minimise stress, procrastination, and overwhelm. Whether you aim to reach greater heights professionally, enhance your relationships, or better manage your daily activities, I am committed to working with you to co-create a tailored roadmap that accounts for your unique strengths, challenges, and circumstances.

As well as privately funded ADHD Life Coaching, I can also offer ADHD Job Coaching funded via the UK Government’s Access To Work scheme.


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