About ADHD Coaching


Living with ADHD can be challenging and may affect various aspects of a person’s life, including work, relationships, home life and daily activities.

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My time with Linda has probably been one of the most transformational periods of my life. After being recently diagnosed, Linda helped me distinguish with what was and wasn’t my ADHD…
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ADHD Life Coaching is a collaborative, supportive and solution-focused approach designed to help clients with ADHD tap into their natural talents and strengths. Through personalised coaching, clients can overcome executive function challenges, develop healthy habits, and build awareness, increased insight, and resilience for a more fulfilling, rewarding, and successful ADHD life.

ADHD Life Coaching offers a strengths-based, holistic approach that focuses on understanding your unique ADHD traits and discovering your innate abilities. With the help of dedicated ADHD Life Coaching, you can:

  1. Develop new strategies and skills tailored to your needs.
  2. Gain self-awareness to appreciate and build on, your ADHD-related strengths.
  3. Reduce overwhelm, conquer procrastination, and get organised.
  4. Combat negative self-talk and replace unhealthy beliefs.
  5. Establish accountability and make informed decisions.
  6. Set healthy boundaries and navigate life transitions with ease.

The Transformative Impact of ADHD Life Coaching:

Working with an ADHD Life Coach can lead to significant positive changes in various aspects of your life. Some of the benefits clients experience include:

  1. Feeling empowered and taking ownership of their lives.
  2. Developing a sense of being understood and supported.
  3. Developing new habits and systems that lead to a more fulfilling, productive and less stressful life.
  4. Harnessing and building on your positive qualities.
  5. Strengthening self-advocacy and boundary-setting skills.
  6. Gaining insights into learning styles, values and strengths.
  7. Strategies to improve productivity, organisation, attention and focus.

Begin Your ADHD Life Coaching Journey Today!

Embrace the opportunity to unlock your true potential and live a happier, more successful life with the support of ADHD Life Coaching. By addressing executive function challenges, nurturing personal growth, and celebrating your unique strengths, you’ll be well-equipped to overcome the hurdles of ADHD and thrive.

As a Certified ADHD Life Coach (CALC), I help my clients increase self-awareness of their barriers, talents, goals, strengths, and values to find more clarity, get closer to their goals, and achieve a deeper understanding of themselves. Contact me today to start your journey towards self-discovery and personal empowerment.