Educational Psychologist

With Linda’s help, I made changes to my work and other aspects of life which enabled me to pass the probationary period in my new job, having lost my previous one for reasons related to ADHD.

These changes included new ways of planning and organising time, tasks and materials for work.

Knowing about ADHD is one thing, but to do something about, it a good coach like Linda is irreplaceable!

A stethoscope on a iPad with a keyboard and plant
Dr. D. M.
Medical Doctor

After just 4 weeks of coaching my quality of life improved immensely.

Whether it was giving a gentle push, a new way of looking at a problem, or a tool/resource I hadn’t discovered, Linda’s gentle input slowly built into lasting improvements in my life.

Clients Mother

We just wanted to thank you so much for everything.

He is not ‘out of the woods’ & might never be completely but he is stronger, more confident & calmer.

We now know that with the right support he can find a place in this world of ours. Getting to know you has changed his life and we are so grateful.

Sitting here today I just needed to let you know that there are angels & that you are one of them.

Creative Freelancer

Iwas officially diagnosed with ADHD (mainly inattentive type) at the end of March this year and I never would have reached this place without Linda’s support and guidance.

It’s a relief to know I’m not mad, useless, ditsy or just plain inept! I learned a lot from our sessions together: 6 projects is too much, and I can sometimes end up saying yes to things on the hoof. I’m now taking time to assess what is really possible in the time that I have available.

Linda helped me to find the right pathways to diagnosis and would listen to what I was finding challenging each week with empathy and understanding. Thank you!

Communications Manager

My time with Linda has probably been one of the most transformational periods of my life. After being recently diagnosed, Linda helped me distinguish with what was and wasn’t my ADHD and in the case of the former she taught me useful strategies to help me overcome or deal with them. She also praised me at interventions I’d put in place myself.

She mentored me through a very difficult period with my work and I have emerged wiser and far, far happier in a role which is more meaningful for me. A huge thanks Linda for seeing me through those good times and bad with your useful advice and understanding manner. It’s been an absolute joy and I’d recommend Linda highly.

Software Engineer

Linda has been a delight to work with and has been a great help with finding tools and approaches to help with some of the issues that come from living with ADHD, as well as encouragement to build the habits that help things stay effective.

She’s also helped me look at things I want or need to do and break them down into concrete tasks and to prioritise them so that things can actually get done.

I’ve been struggling an awful lot over the past three years while waiting to switch my medications from one that only somewhat worked to one that actually works quite well, and Linda has made an enormous difference!

Company Director

Linda is a pleasure to work with, and her gentle approach really helped me take baby steps towards positive changes to enable them to become firm habits over time.

Working with Linda has given me so many new strategies to help me, and given me new perspective on some of the areas I struggle with, and has given me the tools to be able to identify these and work out how to make them easier.

For me, it really is true that the right medication is 50% of the help, and the right coaching is the other 50%. My mental health has never been better, and I feel more in control of my ADHD, as well as more accepting of it.


Working with Linda has already made a lasting change in my daily life and habits. The beginning of the pandemic meant that the strategies I’d been using to get things done no longer worked.

I couldn’t invite round friends and family to force me to clean the house from top to bottom before their arrival.

When on a deadline at work, I couldn’t take a computer to a room with no internet connectivity to ensure working without distraction – instead I had to be online all the time.

You have shown me ways of overcoming these problems by building sustainable daily routines which allow me to get things done without the constant cycle of stress and exhaustion.


I really liked your gentle, non-shaming style that accepted all of my ADHD-ness without judgement.

I loved having the between session text coaching – this was massively helpful at times. I loved having my ideas on how I should be living challenged (e.g. highly structured) and instead finding a more flexible, ‘menu’ style that works so much better for me.

I also loved that we used trial and error – if it didn’t work that was ok, we just tried something else. I continue to use the ‘menu’ system and self-care principles we discussed.

The biggest achievement was starting Jiu-Jitsu group classes, which was so massively out of my comfort zone and brought on such huge for weeks.

I genuinely would never have done this without you. My life is massively enriched because of being supported in pushing through my fears and starting this hobby.

Civil Servant

The best things about working with Linda were:-

  • Feeling of being understood/listened to
  • Your Knowledge of ADHD
  • Coping strategies
  • Helpful suggestions
  • Useful tools
  • Availability

These are the main improvements I’ve made:-

  • Waking earlier
  • Getting to bed earlier
  • Starting and continuing meditation
  • Starting and continuing daily exercise
  • Stopping drinking alcohol
  • Gaining confidence and self-esteem
  • Losing weight and all round improvement in my health
  • Understanding and dealing with my ADHD

I am unable to take medication for ADHD, and would have been at a complete loss without Linda’s help, expertise and encouragement.

With Linda’s coaching, I was able to turn several embedded bad habits into newly embedded good habits – truly life-changing sessions for which I am eternally grateful.

Karen W
HR Professional

I have created ways to have accountability for things I want to do but never get round to and a new and effective system of managing my workload.

I have realised and changed my approach to work/life balance as I have seen the benefit doing things that I find satisfying and that meet my need for social connection. This has motivated me to take action where before I would have procrastinated and never got round to doing anything.

I had reached a point where I was beginning to think that I had been diagnosed with ADHD too late in life and was too old to change. With people in my life echoing that feeling with comments like “that’s just what you do” or “I’ve heard it all before” when I vowed to change, I was all for giving up.

Each week Linda made observations and suggestions that meant I focused on what I wanted to do and what I could achieve. Her encouragement to keep trying, even when things didn’t work as I’d hoped, was just the inspiration I needed. I now know I can make small changes which make a big difference to my life and self-esteem.

Steve Whiteley
Steve Whiteley
Solopreneur / Business Owner

The best part of coaching has been having someone who genuinely understands ADHD and is compassionate and cares. Linda doesn’t try and offer solutions straight away, instead she has offered gentle lines of questioning and prompts that enabled me to arrive at the decisions. Having her to bounce off and to offer clarity has been very meaningful to me at a stage in my life where there has been a lot of change.

I have learned that I have the capability and skillset to go after my dream life and to take responsibility for myself and my goals. And that when I take action the results can be hugely rewarding. It’s ok if I do things differently than others. Don’t compare myself to others, it’s a marathon not a race. And follow the joy!

I’ve also learned that having systems in place massively helps me live a life of freedom. Structure creates freedom. And that my unique brain can be a huge positive rather than a negative, when given the right parameters to work from. I am now being more systematic in my approach to work and my life.

The tools and strategies Linda has introduced me to during our time working together have been invaluable. She strikes the perfect balance between being proactive in making suggestions and listening to what comes out of my mouth at 100mph! Strategies such as body doubling have been a game changer as has learning how to structure my week and time.

My biggest success has been launching my Breathwork and mindfulness business, Breathe with ADHD, and travelling to Bali to qualify as an ice bath and Breathwork facilitator. I’m beginning to have the belief that it’s ok to be a multi-hyphenate and spin lots of plates, and generally feel more confident in my decision-making abilities.

Civil Servant (ATW client)

I feel that I’ve developed techniques for organisation, prioritisation and focus. I have tools for managing overwhelm at work and in life. I’m now able to manage the multiple projects and streams of work I am balancing at work much more effectively and I am overall less overwhelmed.

I’ve let go of the limiting belief that I am disorganisated and I can’t commit to things. I now believe that I can prioritise things and I can commit to a practice (Headspace).

I’ve learned that I can find and develop techniques to help me manage workload and life admin, to manage the things I find more difficult. And I can get stuff done!

The best part of coaching has been having the space to focus on managing my ADHD at work and in life. It has also helped in processing and integrating my diagnosis. A supportive and safe space for learning how to live my best life working with my ADHD brain, not working against it.

I would recommend Linda’s coaching services for people with ADHD.