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Failing at University, Medical or Law School?

  • Are you at risk of failing your course?
  • Do you find it hard estimating the size of tasks and the time required to complete them?
  • Do you delay starting projects until the very last minute?
  • Is your desk covered in piles of paperwork?
  • Do you find it a challenge to balance all the demands of study, personal life & daily living?
  • Are your sleep/wake habits causing a problem?

Then Private 1 to 1 Adult ADHD Coaching, explicitly designed for the unique way your brain works can start you on the journey to a less stressful, happier and more productive ADHD life.

Are you a Business Owner, Solopreneur, or Professional Person finding it difficult living with ADHD?

  • Does procrastination, disorganisation and being easily distracted limit your potential?
  • Are you disorganised with admin, dealing with finances & all the tasks that need to be done to be successful in your business life?
  • Is your desk/office covered in piles of paperwork?
  • Are you at risk of losing your job?
  • Do you spend too much time doing things that aren’t important?
    (social media, watching YouTube etc.)

Do any of the above apply to you?

Then Adult ADHD could be the contributing factor.

1 to 1 Adult ADHD Coaching with me, can lead you on the path to resolving these issues.

Relationship at Risk?

  • Does your partner struggle with your disorganisation, timekeeping and apparent lack of interest?
  • Has your partner given you an ultimatum to “sort yourself out” otherwise they will end the relationship?
  • Are you finding it difficult to balance the challenges of work & home life?
  • Are you & your partner stressed & struggling to cope with one (or both) of you having ADHD?

Do some of these problems sound familiar?

Then ADHD could be a contributing factor.

My Private 1 to 1 Adult ADHD Coaching, can help put you on the path to resolving the challenges that ADHD puts on your relationship.

Are you struggling with ADHD?

I’ll help you to…

Overcome procrastination
Stay Organised
Reduce stress
Focus on your priorities
Reach your goals
Become more productive

About me

Hello, my name is Linda Fox.

I’m a specialist Adult ADHD coach.

My mission is to help YOU live successfully with ADHD.

Over the last 19 years, I’ve helped many hundreds of other ADHD adults build the skills & systems they needed to be more focused, productive and organised at work and home.

As well as my formal qualifications, training & knowledge acquired from the many professional conferences I’ve attended; I have also learned a great deal from my clients about what REALLY works to build a successful life with Adult ADHD.

I can help you too.

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