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Are you struggling with the following challenges?

At work, are you struggling with the following challenges?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with admin, financial paperwork and all the tasks that need to be done to be successful in your business/work life?
  • Are you at risk of losing your job, or of your business failing?
  • Do you waste too much time disappearing down online rabbit holes and researching for information that isn’t moving you towards your aims?
  • Is your desk/office covered in piles of paperwork and stuff?
  • Does procrastination, disorganisation and being easily distracted limit your potential?

“After just 4 weeks of coaching my quality of life improved immensely. Whether it was giving a gentle push, a new way of looking at a problem, or a tool/resource I hadn’t discovered, Linda’s gentle input slowly built into lasting improvements in my life.” – Dr. D. M. Read More

Are you struggling with the following challenges at home?

  • Is your home environment disorganised and messy?
  • Do you feel unable to invite people into your home?
  • Do you find it hard estimating the size of tasks and the time required to complete them, leading to procrastination?
  • Does your partner struggle with your untidiness, timekeeping and apparent lack of interest?
  • Do you spend too much time on social media?
    (going down online rabbit holes, watching YouTube, checking your phone etc.)

“I was beginning to think that I had been diagnosed with ADHD too late in life and was too old to change…””Linda made observations and suggestions that meant I focused on what I wanted to do and what I could achieve…” – Karen W. Read More

Adult ADHD Coaching with me via Zoom. Explicitly designed for the unique way your brain works. Start your journey to a less stressful, happier, more productive ADHD life.

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